Simons Old Quebec

Quebec City

For residents of Quebec City, the Simons store in the heart of Old City is emblematic of their home town. For tourists, it is a destination not to be missed.

When Simons acquired the building next to its existing flagship store and corporate headquarters, the challenge was to expand both the retail space and the office space, on two different floors. The retail space was going to be dedicated to Twik, a department for girls and young women who are hooked on fashion. LemayMichaud designed the new space accordingly: it is youthful, colourful, dynamic, and avant garde. We designed the separate areas for the various collections so as to facilitate shopping and traffic flow while also meeting the display and storage requirements specified by the client. We designed the new office space to be more youthful and dynamic as well, so as to foster teamwork and meet the employees’ specific needs.

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