Expansion of LemayMichaud's Quebec City office

Quebec City

The expansion of LemayMichaud’s Quebec City office was done in harmony with the existing architecture.

The premises, imbued with the soul of the former bank that used to reside there, praise the past while incorporating a touch of modernity. The space, whose atmosphere is steeped in history, presents an astonishing dichotomy through the presence in its centre of a white cube, an ultra-modern and luminous monolith.

A neutral colouring scheme enhances the beauty of the existing green marble and the original architectural details that have been preserved. The central cube, whose various surfaces are exploited, houses under its ceiling workspaces that are kept open planed. The staircase leading to the mezzanine is built of folded metal with lines as modern as the material is raw. The original vault has been transformed into a telephone booth and the access between the buildings is done through a green passage and a collaborative lounge completely covered with felt to ensure acoustic comfort.