District Gourmet Sainte-Foy

Quebec City

The District Gourmet is housed on the ground floor of the innovative QG Sainte-Foy project, a mixed-use building that brings together various services (Health District, Services District, etc.), as well as corporate and residential spaces.

A one-of-a-kind food hall, the District Gourmet brings together three restaurants, nine food ‘kiosks’, a delicatessen, a café and a ready-to-eat area. This new venue located in the heart of the Sainte-Foy district can seat 507 people indoors and 120 outdoors.

At the center of the Gourmet District, a shared space is occupied by food kiosks and tables. The three world cuisine restaurants are located at the street end and are bathed in natural light.

Patrons can choose between two main experiences: to sit in the centre and order from each restaurant as they please or choose to sit in a restaurant/kiosk for a more traditional dining experience.

The low-key atmosphere is inspired by gourmet restaurants and creates a chic, yet friendly atmosphere.

Indeed, communal tables and sub-spaces, as well as the use of raw materials such as wood and black metal bring a more accessible feel to the overall concept. Glossy earthenware tiles and marble are central to the scheme of the various spaces, linking them together. The restaurants are designed in continuity of the shared space, but each has its own character. Details of the decor refer to the influences and pay homage to the roots of the chefs at their helm.

All kiosks are equipped with bar skies, offering flexibility, storage and presence. The central island also features a huge, suspended wine cellar integrated into the head of the counter that makes ingenious use of the height of the opening on the upper floors.

This mandate also required the services of LemayMichaud graphic designers for wayfinding and signage work.