Deloitte Montreal


Looking to the future, Deloitte studied for years what was best in terms of office development, and finally opted to integrate the Agile method to its new facilities, whose four pillars are the fundamental collaboration and teamwork, productivity, innovation and agility.

It is on the basis of these values and principles that the design concept – developed by London-based architect firm AFK – Arney Fender Katsalidis – proposes a new way of thinking workspaces focused on social relations, flexibility, technology and decompartmentalization. This strategy has been put in place to respond, in part, to the new realities of the labour market by offering more flexibility and freedom in the execution of work.

LemayMichaud was entrusted with the execution of the new Montreal offices of the firm, housed in the new tower in their name.

The task required of the team to take a new look at functional planning, space allocation and the relationship between the various uses, and to achieve the desired LEED goal.

Deloitte wanted staff to have quick access to collaborative areas as well as those for thoughtful and focused work, without these being perceived as peripheral. The solution offered was the consolidation of services into one cluster – the cafeteria, the lounge, the conference and training rooms – to concentrate traffic, noise and odours away from workspaces. The result is offices with collaborative areas and numerous meeting points, with 18 different types of workspaces, where employees are free to work with great flexibility to the benefit of the task being performed.

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