Dakota Dunes Resort Saskatchewan


Located in the middle of the Saskatchewan Prairies, on the Whitecap Dakota First Nation land, the Dakota Dunes hotel project is constructed next to the already existing casino, and is inspired by its surroundings and its community’s history and traditions.

A tribute to nature

Both inside and outside the hotel, the architectural concept lives through asymetrical oblique lines that recall not only the vast fields surrounding the hotel and the canola waltzing in the wind but also the shapes of the First Nation traditional tepees.

The interior design concept is inspired by the four elements: earth, water, fire and air, as a tribute to the Whitecap Dakota Nation for which nature has an important cultural value.

Upon entering the lobby, the fire element is represented by multiple elements: two fireplaces warm up the space, a textured wall recalls the earth cracked by fire and the black carpet of the smoke escaping from it. The backlit onyx reveals the Whitecap Dakota emblem.

In the corridor connecting the lobby to the bar and restaurant area, water is the showcased element and draws a parallel to the Saskatchewan River, which runs through the city of Saskatoon. This hallway, zone of transit, also recalls the days when merchants had to navigate on water to go do business in town.

As you walk down the corridor, the veil gradually rises over the restaurant, where the earth element is featured. The earth theme and the restaurant was an obvious match from the start.  While earth is an integral part of First Nations culture, the “Farm-to-Table” style restaurant takes on its full meaning when linking design intent to customer experience. The space is reflected in a glass mural that reveals the unique pattern of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation, making it feel even more personalized.

The hotel has a total of 155 rooms located on 5 floors as well as a swimming pool and a fitness center at the top on the 6th floor. The space offers a splendid view of the golf course and the canola fields, typical of Saskatchewan, without any visual obstacle for miles through its ceiling to floor windows. The air theme is found way up high in the bedroom design through elements reminiscent of wind, dreams and even lightness. The culture of the Dakota Whitecaps is even transposed on the mural behind the bed where the Grand Chief’s headdress, composed mainly of feathers, is represented.

In association with aodbt architecture +

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