Place Longueuil Shopping Center


Place Longueuil is a major shopping centre in the Montreal suburb of Longueuil, Québec and was built in 1966. When the owners engaged LemayMichaud to revitalize the centre, they set a number of challenging objectives: restore some unity to the fragmented space, provide the centre with better visibility, and give it a clearly defined, dynamic, contemporary identity.

In carrying out this mandate, we focused on the centre’s six main entrances, integrating them more effectively into the building’s façade and updating the signage. The redesigned entrances feature an illuminated marquee surrounded by a metal framework with LED lighting.

We completely redesigned the building’s interior spaces: the lines are now simpler and cleaner, and skylights have been strategically placed to emphasize natural lighting. The corridor and food court spaces have been redefined and diversified to enhance the mall experience and provide a genuine modern design reference point for the people who live and work in Longueuil’s historic city centre. As in other shopping mall projects that Lemay Michaud has carried out, one of the main challenges here was to allow the shops to remain open throughout construction while co-ordinating the tenants according to a tight schedule.

Learn more about the project in Place Longueuil website.