LemayMichaud awarded at the Grands Prix du Design


Now open to new categories, it was in interior design and environmental design that the team’s work was highlighted.

In Interior Design, the project won two categories: Accommodation, Restaurant & Bar / Boutique Hotel and Signage & Branding.

“This is a significant project, of which we are proud at LemayMichaud, because it is our second version of the Germain Hotels Montreal location. In 1996, the project had won a prestigious architectural award, so to see it awarded again 25 years later is a special feeling! This reflects perfectly the lasting and complementary relationship we have with the Germain Hotels group.” commented Louise Dupont, designer of the project and senior partner.

Discover the interior design concept of the hotel. 

The third award won by the firm rewards the environmental design and more precisely the mural and the artistic installation.

“Following the interior design concept, which is inspired by the building’s construction year, 1967, the graphic elaboration of both the signage and visual interventions aimed to contribute to the visitor’s experience, transporting him to a very influential design era in Montreal. The signage concept is a nod to certain common lines of that time, while being integrated into the interior spaces as well. After much research in collaboration with the Germain Group, the mural was made as a time capsule taking us back to the 1960s. We are grateful for the attention that this project had during the Grands Prix du Design, which highlights the multidisciplinary quality of LemayMichaud, in line with our desire to offer a memorable and meaningful user experience.” explained Étienne Savaria, Graphic Design Director

Check out the signage and mural artwork!

Louise Dupont and Jennifer Colomb, both designers on this project, were at the gala to receive the prizes!

We would like to thank and congratulate the team, all the partners and actors of this project, but also the Hôtels Le Germain group.
Congratulations to all the Grand Prix winners as well!

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