The LemayMichaud Day: A look back on the 1st edition!


Why a LemayMichaud Day?

Born from the desire to get together after months spent apart, the LemayMichaud Day is an opportunity to get together, to meet some colleagues who joined us during Covid, to highlight the successes and the big news, but above all to get inspired.

Held in October, the firm’s foundation anniversary month, the first edition is a great symbol both because it is the first time that the whole team has met since the start of the pandemic, but also because it was a way of paying tribute to the two founders of LemayMichaud: Alain Lemay & Viateur Michaud, who launched the firm in October 1979! Alexi Lemay and Charles Michaud led this special hommage, and shared two or three anecdotes about their moments spent in the LemayMichaud offices, 30 years ago.

After months of teleworking, virtual coffee breaks and remote team meetings, this first edition aimed to reiterate the personality of LemayMichaud among employees and partners, but also the ​​core values to the company. After taking a moment to respond to “Who are we?” in a family spirit, employees were able to discover the firm’s ambitions and vision, ie “Where are we going?”.

A inspiring special guest

The first woman from the American continent to achieve a solo crossing of the Atlantic, Mylène Paquette was also present to share her story of her 129-day journey and delivered strong messages on surpassing oneself, on the importance of a positive attitude and teamwork in achieving goals.

Covid-like celebrations

We could not leave this day without celebrating the LemayMichaud family, employees, partners, young retirees or – almost – retirees. Like a graduation ceremony, everyone was called on stage while colleagues bursted into applause to receive a personalized jersey with the year where they were hired on. It was a memorable and fun moment that ended full of emotions!

The whole team left this day with fully charged batteries, ready for new challenges and projects!

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