Club Med Québec Charlevoix Inauguration


For the occasion, Katrine Beaudry, lead designer of the project and Alexi Lemay, project director were both at the inauguration to present the architecture and the interior design concept to the guests, including journalists from all over the world!

Club Med’s initial request was for us to demonstrate what Quebec means to LemayMichaud. So our team of designers got together and gathered hundreds of images that symbolize the province, its traditions, culture and folklore, that were spread out over a huge work table. After a few days, it seemed as if the table had transformed into a vibrant colorful quilt showing the different seasons. That’s how the interior design concept was born.

This massive quilt was rolled up and shipped to the client in Paris, along with a few maple candy of course! And I guess it worked since we’re here today !

The idea behind the creation of this combination of atmospheres, that are unveiled throughout the space, is to discover Québec, where a certain joie de vivre and exceptional landscape combine to invite visitors to relax, play, eat and sleep.

In fact, you should know that this project is a village. It combines 15 projects into one, to be discovered and explored. We are happy to be with you today to offer an overview of the inspirations behind the different spaces.

Here is the famous quilt, at least its graphic representation! As you can see, it is divided into 4 seasons, that each has its own identity and corresponding spaces.


Fall in Quebec means abundance and harvest. It is the forest and its scents. So it was natural that it be represented by the restaurants. Each one is inspired by the season, its warm colors and by Quebec traditions. During the design phase, we decided to create different, typically Quebecois universes, all stemming from the ‘Buffet’, or the Grand Marché.

Winter: sleep and move

As you know, winter in Quebec is cold! So we find ourselves at home by the fire or we move/play outside, in this beautiful nature. The 5T space and the rooms are inspired by this season. The rooms are divided into several themes: the Boreal rooms, the Cardinal rooms and the First Nations signature rooms. They are comforting, and display a contrast with the very white world of winter through the use of colors.

Living areas such as the multi purpose hall and the bar represent the festive side of Quebecers during winter. The spirit of the Quebec carnival lives through the patterns, the colors, and the hanging canoes or the bar shaped like a glacier. In Quebec City, traditional annual and well-attended events are the Ice Canoe race and the Carnival, so it was only natural to integrate these references into the room.

As for the lobby, we wanted to emphasize the warmth of Quebecers, the friendliness, the pleasure of receiving guests at the chalet, so the lobby was designed as a lounge where guests feel at home.

Spring : relax

In the concept of interior design, everything that relate to water, such as sauna, pool, spa, etc. is inspired by spring. Why? Spring is a time of rebirth, flowers are blooming, colors are coming back on the landscapes in a somewhat shy way, hence we find more pastel colors in these relaxation areas.

Summer : escaping from it all

Summer is the theme of the general concept of the children’s area. Summer is about dynamism, celebration and colors. The children’s areas are of course divided by age but also by inspiration. There is an atmosphere reminiscent of the Belugas for the little ones, so the river, a “forest” theme and a Northern Lights theme for the older one

Photos: Maud Delaflotte

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