Taverne Louise

Quebec City

Taverne Louise is a place that transports us both in time.

With its apparent stones, and to a timeless place, thanks to the beautiful incursions of modern materials. Stone and brick walls covered with traces of old plaster nods to old memories and the floor pieced with several finishes merge with the more contemporary furniture, with dark elements, highlighted by this successful blend.

The Golden Age bistro-style lamps, the rococo incursions and the mosaic punctuate the space with a warm delicacy and surround the colossal bar that dominates this place inspired by history. Cleverly combining different types of seating, the tavern provides a unique customer experience, offering distinctive ergonomics.

The whole invites to comfort in an atmosphere with beautiful, diverse characteristics. A restaurant that adds to Quebec City’s charm; elegant, neat and timeless.

Awards and special merits

2018 – Grands Prix du Design – Laureate – Restaurant 2000 ft2 or lesss

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