Madame Chose - Branding

Graphic design

Located in the heart of the Galeries Gourmandes, the Restos Plaisirs restaurant opened its doors in the Galeries de la Capitale and stands out for its unique character. LemayMichaud was pleased to collaborate on this project, to sign the architecture and the branding, including the positioning, the name and the deployment of the brand image.

When design sets the stage for an immersive experience

The restaurant’s layout is set on one floor and includes the integration of a bar, a central kitchen that opens on the dining room, a deli store, and of a second bar located under the dome of the former Simons store, at the restaurant’s entrance. With a seating capacity of up to 170 guests, the restaurant offers a unique and immersive experience to its visitors from the moment they enter, designed as a genuine mystery trail.

A brand image with a strong personality, that enlivens everything it touches

LemayMichaud was awarded the mandate of the restaurant’s brand image as well as its visual identity, which includes the logo and its applications on various supports (bags, menu, glasses, etc.). Born from the desire to personify the restaurant, the name Madame Chose was a natural choice because of its resonance with Quebecers. Who is Madame Chose? Drawn from the Quebecois vocabulary, the expression represents here the person at whose house we go to eat, somewhat indefinable and exuberant, whose name we don’t quite remember, but who welcomes us into her house where the ambiences are intermingled.

An eclectic identity

Since the interior design concept aims to provide customers with a truly immersive multi-sensory experience, the branding had to be in line with the desired result. Thus, the logo presents two different fonts chosen for their neutral and classic appearance. Put together, the typographic play revels an eccentric and surprising logo, while remaining both mature and timeless.

Client : Restos Plaisirs

Stratégie de marque et positionnement : Michel Nadeau et LemayMichaud

Concept restaurant : Lucid Dreams by Dufour

Illustrations : Anne-Julie Dudemaine

Crédit photos : Raphaël Thibodeau