Hôtel Escad - Signage & Murals

Quartier DIX30 Brossard
Graphic design

Graphic design and signage

The Alt+, inspired by fiels, people and nature

The Alt+, a new banner that can be placed halfway between the Alt and Le Germain hotels, sees its first hotel open in Quartier Dix30 in Brossard, in 2018. Established in an environment formerly dedicated to agricultural work, it was appropriate to visually integrate this aspect into the interiors, adding it to the already established identity of the Alt+ brand. From this union was born the intention to make the rural contemporary, paring freshness and timeless : by wheat fields only composed of addition signs, by the presence of wooded elements mixed with tubular and inorganic structures and finally by the junction of directional signs recalling those street signs at country roads intersections. The creation of pictograms, of sympathetic and simple appearance, wins by its clarity and thus fulfills its function.

Leaving aside monotony and repetition, the developed signage concept offers a range of signs and visuals that, despite a common system, allows each to stand out as individual entities.