Alt Calgary East Village


A new Alt hotel has opened in the heart of Calgary’s vibrant East Village neighborhood.

Part of the Germain Hotels group, this new location combines once again the quality and level of service for which the group is renowned.

The Alt Calgary East Village is the 10th hotel signed by LemayMichaud for the brand, and while the idea of creating functional spaces for business clients is always at the heart of the intentions, there is always this desire to develop a place that is unique and rooted in its environment.

An innovative construction process

As with the Alt St-John’s Hotel, the building was designed to be constructed with an assembly of prefabricated, self-supporting container modules. These units, made in Poland, were shipped to Canada Fully finished, so much so that even the mattress was in the module.

This construction method was chosen for two reasons. Firstly, prefabrication allows for a higher quality of finish and home automation that is possible to achieve on a construction site. Secondly, the speed of erection of the building was significant: all that was left to do once the modules were in place was to connect the electricity and plumbing.

The rooms, made up from blocks of containers, have large floor-to-ceiling windows, which provide an opening to the outside and offer splendid views of the neighborhood and the Bow River.

A "home-like" design

Intended mainly for business clients, which is the core clientele of the Alt banner, the interior design combines functionality and warmth to recreate an atmosphere that is close to that found at home. Thus, in the common areas, different zones with multiple athmospheres have been designed to recreate this cosy feeling despite the large spaces. The concept is eclectic and is supported by graphic interventions.