CHU Sainte-Justine - Multiple projects


CHU Sainte-Justine - Dental Medecine

CHU Sainte-Justine (Redevelopment of the URDM)

CHU Sainte-Justine (CRME Entrance Hall)

CHU Sainte-Justine (Pshychiatric Unit Redevelopment)

The mandate was to redevelop the psychiatric unit located on floors B and C – Block 7 of the CHU Sainte-Justine which included twelve beds, one acute care and evaluation room, a guard station, a game room, a rest area, some classrooms and offices, showers and restrooms.

The psychiatric unit had not been renovated since the opening of the facility. Following several years of intense services, nine bedrooms, the nursing staff quarters (offices and kitchenette), the rest area, the activity room and the classes were in great need of a refresh.

For this reason, during the redevelopment, the room and guard station’s finishes, lighting and furniture were completely changed to give the unit a more contemporary look. Following the reorganization, the new fenestrated station was repositioned to ensure better monitoring of the children’s living space.

CHU Sainte-Justine (CRME Pool)

CHU Sainte-Justine (CRME Radiology Room)

CHU Sainte-Justine (MRI and Angiography Room)

The mandate involves the implantation of a magnetic resonance room and an angiography room in the medical imaging sector. These two rooms are contiguous and they can work together or separately. The development also includes two control rooms (MRI and angiography), two equipment rooms, one sterile scrub area, a preparation room and a reading room for radiologists.

In collaboration with Corriveau and Girard Architects

CHU Sainte-Justine (Orthopedic X-Ray Room)

Complete refurbishing of the existing orthopedic Xray room for the installation of the new Xray equipment.

Surface : 248 sq. ft.

CHU Sainte-Justine (3 Tesla Imager MRI Room)

Our mandate was initially to prepare a draft report to accompany the customer’s bidding document for the purchase of a new 3 Tesla imager. I

It summarized the existing conditions, the demolition and the construction required for the replacement of the 1.5 Tesla imager and set out to bidders all specifications, issues and stowage related to the delivery of a new magnet of 11 500kg.

Following the initial mandate, we had to redevelop the MRI room and renovate the existing Faraday cage so that it met with the new safety standards and requirements of the new imager. The project also included interventions in adjacent corridors, in the equipment room as well as in the control room, in order to attain the necessary upgrade of the electromechanical systems for the start of the new imager.

Minor repairs were required to the roof for the installation of a new cryogenic vent and interventions were needed to the exterior wall to be able to transport the existing imager out to integrate the new.

CHU Sainte-Justine (Mother-Child Care Unit Remodeling)

The Mother-Child Care Unit of the CHU Sainte Justine located on the 3rd floor of Block 5 had not been renovated since the opening of the facility. Following several years of intensive use, sixteen rooms and the nursing staff quarters (pharmacy, offices, kitchenette and soiled utility room) were in great need of a refresh.

For this reason, during the remodel, the rooms and the guard station’s finishes, lighting and the furniture were completely changed to give the unit a more contemporary look.

The guard station was repositioned at the unit’s entrance to facilitate patient’s arrival and care. In addition, the expansion of the station allowed student trainees to regroup with the nursing staff inside the post. By bringing students and caregivers together, the quality education and of the information communicated was thus improve.

CHU Sainte-Justine (Plaster and Minor Surgery Rooms)

The mandate is a complete redesign of the plaster and procedure rooms (such as minor surgeries, stitches etc…) in the orthopedic and emergency department.

The two main rooms with an area of 82 square meters are now contiguous to allow the transfer of a patient for easier assist to medical procedures.

The redevelopment also includes a new reception area for the orthopedics department, a second procedure room, space for weighing and measuring and a reserve. The project also includes interventions on the lower floor related to the electromechanical work.

Surface : 1 754 pi. ca

CHU Sainte-Justine (Expansion of Service Area)

The project consisted in the expansion, from either side of the hospital’s main entrance, from one level below ground (Level A) up to the roof of the main entrance, in order to accommodate a new service area.

This new service area at Level A includes a food court, a gift shop, a new pharmacy, modernized public restrooms and an ATM.

LEMAYMICHAUD designed the layout of the food court and the gift shop for The Foundation of the Sainte-Justine’s Hospital, as well as coordinated the entire project. This project had to be constructed in phases to ensure the sector’s activities

Expansion surface : 13 401 sq. ft.

CHU Sainte-Justine (Pediatric Palliative Care and Perinatal Bereavement Rooms)

The CHU Sainte-Justine is the first hospital centre mother-child in Canada to offer a palliative care service for their patients. The first mandate that was given to our team was to design three rooms for pediatric palliative care and one room that could be adapted to the requirements and the restraints of the intensive care unit.

These four rooms are therefore designed to give the families a more peaceful and serene environment providing all the intimacy required to allow parents to surround their child with warmth and comfort to accompany them to the term of their short life.

In collaboration with the palliative care team of the CHU Sainte-Justine, the room has been meticulously taught over in order to bring about positive outcome on the physical and mental health of the young patient.

In a second mandate, the concept was revised for two rooms situated in the birthing unit for cases of perinatal bereavement where the birth of a child take place and the rituals that follows the death of newborns.

The realisation of all six rooms was made possible thanks to the generous donation of the foundation of the ‘’Gouverneurs de l’Espoir’’.

CHU Sainte-Justine (Albert-Royer's Amphitheater Enhancement)

Enhancement of all audiovisual systems as well as all finishes including the seats of the amphitheater as per the needs of the teaching’s management department, and also as per the existing standards and codes.