Bon-Pasteur Library

Quebec City

This mandate entailed the renovation of a municipal library adjacent to the Bon-Pasteur community centre in the Charlesbourg district of Québec City. With this renovation, the City wanted to make the entrance of the library more visible.

In addition, large openings were made in the interior passageway to ensure better cohabitation between the library and community center services.

The real innovation in this project is the use of the Open + system, an operating system that allows the user to utilize the space and benefit from the library’s services without the assistance of an operator. The Bon-Pasteur Library is therefore a pilot project for the City.

A color palette reminiscent of nature

The objective was to make this space a lively and pleasant place for a family clientele. Through the use of wood and various shades of green, the theme of nature is deployed through multiple elements of the decor.

Whether for working, reading or doing a group activity, the space was designed and subdivided to meet each specific need. A large signature tree, housing shelving and pendant lighting, wraps the space from floor to ceiling. A magazine-reading area, bordered by comfortable armchairs and a green wall, invites relaxation through reading.