Bar Pellan


In 2018, Bar Pellan received a well-deserved facelift.

Located within the renowned Place des Arts in Montreal, the project aimed at revitalizing and improving the existing facilities of the bar in order to better serve its clientele, but also to facilitate accessibility for people with reduced mobility to the adjacent area of Piano Nobile.

The challenge of this project was twofold. First, the preservation of the heritage character of the installations, such as the walls, the original ceiling, the floor, and of course the superb artwork by Alfred Pellan entitled “Cosmos musical”. The stained glass window, created in 1963, stands behind the bar and is the focal point of the interior design, driving the overall inspiration. The bar itself has also been renovated and now offers a new layout with more seating.

Given the heritage character of the building that required a thoughtful and integrated approach to all aspects of the design, each addition to the interior design had to blend perfectly with the existing concept. The main challenge proved to be the restoration of the woodwork, which required great attention restore its original charm and maintain its elegance. To create a coherent atmosphere, the installation of the new wood panels, which had to harmonize with the original rosewood, required a special attention.

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