LemayMichaud talks women in construction


For 40 years, LemayMichaud and its partners have been united by the same goal; to build living spaces that are inspiring and inclusive. We believe that whether in architecture or in construction, women have a place. We believe that creativity and boldness have no gender.

On November 26th, Marie-Christine Baillargeon, Partner Architect, took part in the Tables tournantes event, presented by Les Elles de la construction. During this evening, she took a moment to discuss with people from the construction industry, sharing her experience in the field and her vision of the place of women in this predominantly male industry.

35 people participated in this event, discussing this very actual and important topic. Their openness and commitment to this subject deserves to be highlighted. The conversations held during this event gave us an even better idea of where women stand in the industry. Good news! The construction industry is changing for the better. It is no longer a question of gender, but of people and competence.

We make use of this event to give a voice to our own ‘’Elles’’, our inspiring women who leave their mark every day on major architecture and design projects.