LemayMichaud welcomes two new partners!


Montreal, February 16th, 2022 – LemayMichaud Architecture Design is proud to announce the nomination of two new partners. With more than 40 years of experience and having always given great importance to the next generation and to professional recognition, LemayMichaud Architecture Design is pleased to announce that Sarah Lanoue and Olivier Dufour, both architects, have been named partners. Their respective areas of expertise but also their human qualities make them key players for the future of the company.


Since her arrival at LemayMichaud in 2016, Sarah has repeatedly demonstrated her professionalism and positioned herself as a real reference offering support to her colleagues. Having always been fascinated by psychology and keen on mathematics, Sarah brings to each of her projects rigor and sensitivity that result in a perfect balance.

For the future, Sarah aspires to be part of the solution to sustainability stakes in the industry, but is also excited about the prospect of getting more involved in the firm and creating positive impacts.

“Architecture is a very human profession: the projects we carry out are built for users. Creating spaces that have a positive impact on people’s mental health and happiness is what motivates me in this job, but it’s also what connects me to it.” says Sarah Lanoue.


Graduated from a Master’s degree in 2011, Olivier previously worked for more than ten years in an office which allowed him to learn and deepen his knowledge on the many stages of a project, from design to site management and supervision, including customer relations, an aspect that he particularly appreciates. During this period, Olivier had the opportunity to work on a wide variety of institutional or multi-residential mandates, and it is with all this experience that he joined LemayMichaud in May 2021.

Soon after his arrival, Olivier has demonstrated his expertise as well as his human qualities, which are now recognized and appreciated by both his employees and clients. Interested in the diversity of projects that comes with the profession, he also appreciates the topic and analysis around the conservation of the built environment and develops each of his projects around its users.

 For me, each person has the right to live in a quality space, which is pleasant and thoughtful according to their needs. My vision of the ideal architecture is also fully based on putting users and their environment at the center of our analysis. This vision that Lemay Michaud also shares makes me proud to be a partner today. ” commented Olivier Dufour


Founded in 1979, LemayMichaud Architecture Design is a major player in the architectural, interior design and graphic design scene in Quebec. Its team of qualified professionals has worked on numerous projects across Canada, allowing multiple partners and clients to “build their dreams”. Loyal clients such as La Maison Simons, Le Groupe Germain, Strøm Spa Nordique and Deloitte have enabled the company to acquire a solid reputation, in Canada and internationally, by signing award-winning projects. The firm now has offices in Quebec, Montreal and Ottawa.

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